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Solar installers around the globe, including some of the largest installers in North American, have chosen Neurio to help engage with their customers. As a certified Neurio installer your business will enjoy all the benefits of our powerful customer engagement platform, while your customers will enjoy saving more money every month.

Stand Apart From Your Competition

When you bundle Neurio into your existing offering, you create a unique solution which makes it more compelling for customers to choose your company over your competitors.

Get More Referrals

Get access to our tailored Referral Program that's sure to increase your sales leads exponentially - learn more.

Get Your Brand Out There

With our optional in-app and my.neur.io customized branding, your company's brand is always top of mind with your customers.

Preferred Pricing

When you become a certified Neurio installer, you'll receive preferred pricing and terms.

One Place to Manage All Your Customers

With our easy-to-use dashboard you can watch over all of your customers' systems, making it easier to spot problems before your customers do.

Support You Can Depend On

When you are at a customer's site, we know how important it is to get immediate support. You can count on our dedicated reseller support team to help any issues you encounter whil


Pays For Itself


Most homeowners waste an average of 20% of the energy they use. Neurio quickly and easy finds the money-losing culprits, saving your customers money each month.



With our simple, intuitive mobile app and web design, your customers will quickly get up and running with no training needed, which means you can quickly move on to your next job.

Greater Home Insight


Beyond just saving energy, Neurio can give your customers greater insights into their homes, like knowing when someone is home or not. The possibilities around Neurio are endless.

Most Cost Effective Solution

Most energy monitoring solutions costs hundred of dollars, whereas Neurio starts at just $219.99, making it extremely affordable for your customers.

Works With Any Inverter

If you’re installing solar, Neurio will work with any inverter since it’s installed directly in the main panel.


Fast, Easy Installation

Most installs usually take less than 15 minutes.

Everything Included

When you open the box, you’ll find everything you need for installation, from wiretaps to zip ties, making install a breeze.

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Neurio HEM (Non-Solar) Product Sheet – Download


Neurio HEM (Solar) Product Sheet – Download

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