Energy Aware Offering Self-Learning to Solar Homes

Solar Support Added To Neurio

Vancouver, BC – October 22, 2013. Imagine if one day the same washing machine you’ve always used started reminding you when you forgot to dry your clothes. The Neurio Home Intelligence™ platform makes any home a self-learning home by monitoring energy consumption and using algorithms to identify usage patterns and potential problems. Within the first 6 days of its 30-day campaign, the funding for Neurio has reached 75% of its $95,000 goal from backers all around the world.

Today, solar and 3-phase power have been added to Energy Aware’s ongoing Neurio campaign on Kickstarter. The addition of solar support helps families save energy and money, while providing more insight into how solar contributes to the home’s power use.

“The residential solar market is exploding with the affordability of solar energy. Many customers, however, have limited insight into how much electricity they are using until the monthly bill comes,” says Janice Cheam, President & CEO of Energy Aware. “With Neurio, owners have access to real-time information on their solar generation and how energy is used within the home. In doing so, it learns how users interact with their appliances and lets homes communicate with their owners.”

Neurio measures the home’s total power generation and usage and shows which appliance is using power – without having to install individual sensors at each appliance. It can be used by solar owners and installers, energy retailers and finance companies as an end-to-end solution with hardware and cloud reporting, or a software-only solution with its advanced analytics integrated into existing solar web-portals.

“In 15 minutes or less, a Neurio sensor can be installed in any solar home, either on its own, or along with
other control systems and devices such as batteries, thermostats, cable boxes, or alarm systems,” says Jon Hallam, VP Engineering. “Early customers have saved up to 44% of their total energy usage just by interacting with our user-friendly app on web or mobile.”

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About Energy Aware
Energy Aware is a leading developer of hardware and software solutions for utilities in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. Energy Aware is the winner of the BC Technology Industry Association’s Most Promising Startup Award, and has been featured in BC Business Magazine. The founding team consists of Janice Cheam, Colby Gore, Dr. Ali Kashani, and Jon Hallam.

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