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Smarter. Better. More Efficient.

The intelligent way to track your appliance usage.

Now available as a paid beta software upgrade on the Home Energy Monitor or Home Solar Monitor, the Intelligent Energy Monitoring layers on additional peace-of-mind features, allowing you to live more safely, comfortably and efficiently.

Know What’s On or Off

Stay in the know by seeing exactly what's on in your home.

Added Peace of Mind

24/7 home monitoring so you’re never left wondering if your kids are home or if the oven was left on by accident.

Pinpoint Energy Hogs

See which appliances are the energy hogs so you can be more energy efficient and save more money each month.

How it Works

Every appliance in your home has a unique signature. Once installed, Neurio’s analytics begin to recognize these signatures from your total usage and allows you to see the individual appliances within your home.


Experience it yourself

Download the Neurio Home app for iOS or Android or visit, and use the following info to see a real-time view of Neurio installed at our office:

User:  Password: Neurio123


Appliance Detection

Allows you to train Neurio on the appliances in your home.


Appliance Activity

Shows you when your appliances are on and off.


Top Appliance Usage

Shows you the top energy consuming appliances in your home so you can see where you energy is going.


Smart Notification

Alerts you to energy savings and what’s happening in your home while you are away.

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