Makers & Hackers

Neurio is an open platform with a public API so you can extend it any way you like. Connect it to web services, or write your own applications. Pull data from our cloud or directly from the sensor, and crunch the numbers yourself in Matlab or Python. What you do with Neurio is up to you!

If you’d rather not write any code, we plan to support services like SmartThings and IFTTT, so you can integrate Neurio with other connected devices.

Here are a couple examples of things you can do with Neurio, for inspiration:

Hack Your Vaccuum

Jon shows how he added WiFi to his robot vacuum with a Spark Core, and has Neurio command it to only clean when he’s not around.

Dynamic Thermostat

Let Neurio control your connected thermostat. Select 3 temperatures: home, away, and asleep. Neurio will set the temperature dynamically based on what you’re actually doing, rather than a time-based prediction, so you waste less energy. This system uses Neurio Cloud, and a WiFi-connected thermostat.

Automated Coffee Brewer

Using a standard coffee maker that has been enhanced with a Spark Core and Relay Shield, you can make a WiFi-enabled caffeine machine. Fill the machine the night before, and arm it by pressing the big red button. When Neurio detects that you have woken up in the morning, it will command your coffee maker to get to work.

Ambient Energy Monitor

Let your Phillips HUE bulbs tell you how much power your home is consuming. To do this, write a script for your Raspberry Pi that takes real-time power data from your Neurio Sensor, converts it into a colour, and sends it to your HUE lights. Try to keep your lights from going red, and you’ll keep your bill in check. Especially useful for areas with time of use electricity pricing.

Phantom Load Killer

Using an Arduino Uno with Ethernet, a relay shield, and a power bar, you can have Neurio disconnect wasteful appliances when you’re not home. When Neurio detects your return, everything gets powered back up.

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