Our story

We believe people should be able to get more information on where they spend most of their time – their homes. Our devices give us unimaginable amounts of information about the world around us, so why can’t we get the same level of information about where we live?


Well, now you can. With Neurio, homeowners can finally unlock their home’s hidden information so they can make smarter decisions. And when you are armed with this information, the possibilities are endless – you can help save the planet and your hard earned money by reducing your energy usage, you can watch over your house while away or you can keep an eye on an older loved one to make sure they are safe.


To date, Neurio sensors in over 100,000 homes have monitored over 964 Gigawatts hours of energy. Homes around the world are catching on to the power of what Neurio can offer. We invite you to come along for the ride.

Our team


Janice Cheam

President, CEO, Co-Founder

Janice is our fearless leader. Having seen a huge unmet need in the smart home market, she and her co-founders answered it by creating Neurio. When she’s not meeting with excited new investors or customers, she’s planning our next big market to dive into.


Jon Hallam

Hardware, Co-Founder

Jon is an IoT fanatic. When he’s not researching the latest tech trends, he’s leading our team of hardware engineers to develop all the greatness that’s in the Neurio Sensor.



Colby Gore

Software, Co-Founder

Colby’s first language was ones and zeros, and English second. When he’s not on the ice playing hockey, you can find him at his desk staring at endless code, trying to cram every last drop of performance into our system.


Jeff Schoenfeld


Jeff is our operations master. Having over 15yrs of ops and product experience with companies like Boeing, Honda and Lockheed Martin, Jeff ensures our customers get their Neurio’s on-time and in perfect working order.


Keith Marett

Marketing & Bus Dev

With over 17 yrs of experience taking products to market, Keith is our resident marketing guru. As former EVP of Marketing at Avigilon, a leader in the security industry, he helped grow their market cap from $90M to over $1.3B in just two and half years.

Plus tons of other super smart data scientists, firmware, software and hardware engineers and business team members.

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